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Next Steps



In the upcoming year we plan to: 

Continue to offer opportunities for women and men to start their own small businesses, with donations of $50 each. Some men have joined in this project, starting agrobusinesses whereby they bring medicines for livestock to other remote areas.



Install an additional well in another community where they do not have access to clean water.  This will prevent waterborne illnesses and death in times of drought, and  make a sustainable impact for another 8,000 Maasai people.

Expand the services of the health clinic to include additional medicine, a maternity facility, and purchase a vehicle that can serve as an ambulance for people who have to be transported for more intensive treatment than our small dispensary can provide.




I hope that you are able to be a part of this journey. As you may know, these projects are being supported by friends who want to have a direct impact in the lives of others. Trust that I will continue to work closely with Jackson and Wilson, to ensure that our work is grounded in the key needs of the communities and that our resources are well-managed. It has been an honor for me to work with these people, and to bring you into their world to make this possible.


If you would like to contribute to any of these projects,


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