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About Our Work


Jackson Ntirkama is one of the Maasai warriors who works with us to coordinate our projects.

Our Purpose and Guiding Principles


The Maasai Cultural Conservation Foundation was created to partner with the Maasai people as they face these challenges. These people hold important learnings, and if they lose their way of life, we will lose their wisdom and the values they embody. 


The guiding principles of the Maassi Cultural Conservation Foundation are to:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of the Maasai people and their culture

  2. Develop respectful relationships with the Maasai people, including: chiefs, elders, women, warriors and children, so that we can work together to engage in projects that are valuable to them and are culturally appropriate

  3. Empower the Maasai people to achieve their own goals and to sustain their way of life

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